Jeremy Geros

Software Engineer

Building things random stuff that I want to use and play.

Ongoing Projects

Sci-fi ARPG

I am building a sci-fi focused ARPG based around loot and crafting. This is being built in Unreal Engine 5.

Very Long Term Development
In Heavy Development
Very Early

Paper stack

Paper stack is a dead simple article reader, whether from rss or any website. Save single articles, youtube videos, to read/view all in the same feed optimised for reading.

In Heavy Development
Coming Very Soon

The Spine

The Spine is a small community of book lovers to share and discuss their favourite books

Slow Development
Coming This Year

SpreadSheet Product Management

A completely collabrative and endlessly customizable/adaptable spreadsheet. Built to manage products exactly how you want with all the features you would expect when using a spread sheet.

Maybe Never

Previous Work

Principal Software Engineer

Aha! is the world's #1 product roadmap software. Building software is invigorating and product managers should be the happiest people on earth.

Co-founder, Engineer

Go Vocab is a language learning website for use in the high school classroom. It provides an easy way for teachers to take the rote parts out of the classroom to let them focus on Speaking & Writing.


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